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Do you want to help keep your family up-to-date on certain events coming up?

Or maybe you just want to keep yourself on track with future happenings so you don’t miss them. If so, you should consider using shared family calendar apps. These applications work well for all types of devices, including Androids, which are some of the top pieces of technology to use today to help keep people in constant contact with each other. If you’re curious as to what one of the best apps that you and your group can use for organizational purposes, keep reading, Below you’ll find one of the top apps you can use to help stay better organized.

Why Use a Shared Calendar?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use shared calendars. One is that you will be able to stay better organized. With these applications, you’ll be able to instantly make changes to something and others can see those changes within seconds so they can stay quickly informed. These applications are also affordable. Often you can download these applications for free or you can pay a monthly fee which only tends to be a few dollars. Another great reason you should consider using them is that of their settings. You’ll find they can color-code things, make schedules for you, add links, and even send you alerts to remind you of things.

The Top Calendar App to Use

One of the top selections to use for Androids (and even iOS) is Coorganiz. This free app can be easily downloaded onto a device and comes with plenty of helpful settings your group can use:

  • Color-Code Activities.

Coorganiz will allow you to assign everyone in your group a certain color on the schedule so you can monitor who is doing what. This can help everyone to easily see what needs to be done and if someone has an appointment or event they need to be at and can sync with all members of the group’s phones.

  • Create Checklists.

Besides making schedules, this app will also let you create checklists on your calendar you can use. This can be helpful for when you go shopping or have a busy day and need to make sure you don’t forget to do anything. 

  • Receive Instant Alerts.

Coorganiz will send you instant alerts whether it be via email or text message. These alerts will help you to stay on top of what you need to do so you don’t miss any important info or events. You can also send out alerts to those in your group so they can receive info instantly. 

A shared calendar is a perfect app to use on your Android device to help your group stay organized. Coorganiz is ideal to use because it’s easy to navigate and comes with many helpful features, like color-coding, lists, and updates, to help make sure everyone stays better organized.

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