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Who doesn’t have a to-do list that they check daily or a calendar? It doesn’t matter if it’s a semi-functional to-do list made out of Post-It notes or from a list of best to-do list organizational apps or computer-based program or with notes through management. Everyone has adopted this little-organized agenda at least once, no matter what devices are chosen.

But, what could make to-do lists even better? Having the opportunity to grow and expand the idea into something bigger.

Do They Work

Shared To-Do Lists is where you should start. Each feature is great and will ensure productivity. Okay, it may not make sense just yet, but check out this entire article and see how you feel about it.

Everything will be covered here (and will ensure efficiency):

  • How to begin and build a shared agenda
  • How to use a shared agenda
  • How to design a shared agenda
  • How to share a shared agenda (plus, who to share it with work, friends, family, etc.)
  • How to use a shared agenda to plan trips, vacations, and parties


  • The best apps to create a shared agenda on

Read further for the best information to help you out in this corner of your life!

Begin & Build

Start your to-do agenda mission by learning how to begin and build one!

First find the what-to-do list you think would best fit you, or calendar (and whatever group you would like to include). There will be a bunch of suggestions later on in the article, but for now, get the details and then make your choice!

Then figure out the best platform to use your to-do lists on. Would you like to use a computer or laptop? Would a Tablet or Kindle work better for your style? Would a phone work best for your on-the-go activities? Remember: You can use every platform mentioned if that’s what works best for you. Or, you can stick to one platform so that you’re not rushing around trying to access your to-do agenda at all times.

Last (before figuring out how to use a shared to-do list), figure out what group you would like to use on the to-do agenda. Would you like to use it at home? What about with friends? Does a work agenda seem to fit your lifestyle the best? Always choose the right options for you. And, try not to overcrowd yourself with these to-do agendas. Or, if you do want to base your tasks and daily activities on said agendas, make sure you designate a particular platform to a particular agenda.

Time to Use

After you’ve figured out how to build your agenda (that means figured out every aspect), and you’ve picked the application you’d like to use, it’s time to figure out how to use it!

This portion of an adopting a shared agenda is rather easy. All apps have instructions every which way you go. Navigation is simple and worry-free now. Once you download the program you’d like to use from here on out, notifications pop up left and right for you to follow. It’s as if you’re in a mini tutorial where your teacher walks with you hand in hand to ensure you are comfortable with the program in its entirety.

Also, once you have understood all of the rules, regulations, and navigation preferences, you’ll continue to receive notifications letting you know of the most current updates. These little notifications will also ensure that you know when a change has occurred in the shared agenda, along with who made the change.

Design Work

Once you pick your program or choose from several worthy apps you’d like to use, picking the design work will come naturally. The first aspect to tackle is the title of your to-do list. Here’s where you get fun and creative. Depending on the group you are creating the agenda for depends on how awesome you can title it. For example, if you’re creating one for work, a content-heavy title would be appropriate. If you’re creating one for your family, a caring and loving (but at the same time demanding) title would be appropriate. If you’re creating one for your teammates or friends, a feisty or funny nickname would be appropriate. Try to have fun with it!

Then, after the title is created, you can also get creative with the tasks on the agenda. This also depends upon who the list is targeting.

Other than that, the design work primarily focuses on the colors, patterns, and aspects you would like to incorporate into your agenda. If you’re not that creative, you’ll tend to lean towards the basics and be safe. If you’re creative, you’ll tend to lean towards the stripes, polka dots, and leopard prints, so to speak.

Time to Share

Sharing is caring! Keep that in mind while you’re creating your lists.

Depending on the group you’re sharing this agenda with will depend on what you share, as said before. Check out some suggestions below.


If this agenda is for work, make it professional. Have each task on the agenda be specific, detail-oriented, and to the point. No confusion should be in the information provided. All coworkers, staff members, and members of management should be able to decipher all information with little to no hassle. Of course, if additional details need to be requested, they can be. But, it’s better to be straightforward from the beginning.


If this agenda is for family, make sure it’s family oriented, so to speak. This means that all members of the family should understand it. If, for example, you have a ten-year-old as the youngest member of the family, make sure the list includes him/her. That person should not have to question bigger words or be confused when it’s their turn to pitch in. That would be unfair and would take all the fun out of contributing.


If this agenda is for friends, make it fun and exciting. Inside jokes promote the desire to chip in on tasks. If you’re funny and put catchy tasks on the agenda, more people will be willing the view the agenda and add their own ideas to the agenda. Why not include everyone? It will have the maximum beneficial results.

Use a Shared Agenda For…

You can use a shared agenda for practically everything (management loves it). What does this mean?


If you’re planning a trip as management, or with any group of people, a shared to-do agenda gives you the opportunity to communicate efficiently. Messaging is always an option in each app, so that’s a plus. But, not only that, but you can also add things to the agenda from every angle. If you need to pick up shampoo and conditioner before getting in the care to go on the trip, anyone who is near a pharmacy or market can stop in. If someone needs to go to the bank and get money, another person on the shared agenda can remind them through a notification in the application.


Planning a vacation is easier now than ever with a shared agenda, especially with management functions. Making sure one person has the flight booked, another person has the car rented, another person has the hotel book, and another person has the itinerary figured out can be a group planned project with these shared agendas. No more hassle like before.


Parties can be constructed easily, too. If it’s for a child’s birthday party, the mother, father, and other close-knit folks to the child can pitch in. One person or group can take care of the drinks; another can take care of the food, another the cake, and another the party decorations. Easy as can be, unless you’re a little lost on how to organize a party, there are tons of resources available, so there’s no need to fret.

Which App do you Choose?

Once every single situation is planned, mapped out, and coordinated the right way, it’s time to figure out what’s the best application for you. Check out the following:


Available in iOS and Android, this application is one of the easiest to-do lists for beginners (with reminders), with being able to quickly learn how to share a to-do list on iPhone. This app makes meeting deadlines of all sorts simple (simpler than crossing off items on the agenda, even). Although this app is easy to access, there is a minimal fee charged each month. However, with this fee comes awesome features like file-sharing and subtasks.


This is one of the strongest apps available on all major platforms, this powerful tiny list builder puts other day-by-day to-do list applications to shame. Effectively share a calendar between users with a simple to use interface that makes understanding how to set up a shared calendar a breeze. Step-by-step screens help those new to productivity tools, while the powerful advanced features allow power users strong functionality.


Available in iOS and Android, this app allows for simple and clear functions and design work. With the neat availability and awesome access to reminders, this app has you covered. It also awards you points for keeping up with your tasks.


Available in iOS and Android, this app brings to you something slightly different (with reminders). This app allows for ticking off daily tasks along with tracking everyone’s movements on the app. You also get to create a character to help motivate your creativity, an option that iPhone users would love.