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The answer to that question is yes.

Shared calendars make numerous aspects of life easier and more enjoyable. They do these two little things by allowing everyone to be in sync with what’s going on. And, if you’re honest with yourself, how neat and refreshing is that?

Instead of having to call, all you have to do is share the planner. It’s as simple as that. A couple of examples are presented below:

  • Going on a trip? Share it.
  • Going to view a property? Share it.
  • Squaring away a rental? Share it.
  • Attending an event? Share it.

Okay, I think you get it. Sharing is the key here, and adopting a shared agenda is the lock. This concept comes into play when it’s your favorite time of year: vacation time! Utilizing a shared home calendar can keep all family members on the same page and helps provide a constant visual reminder of an upcoming trip. If your family isn’t quite ready-capable, then knowing how to organize well with a baby or small child will be some of the most useful knowledge to gain before your trip.

A Brief Overview

A shared calendar is an agenda that several men and women use on a daily basis. The information within each can be accessed easier via one of these agendas. Instead of creating the hassle of calling or texting multiple individuals, this fairly new technological improvement has endless features that allow everyone to be connected to one agenda.

Several platforms offer this option including, but not limited to:

  • Google Calendar.
  • Microsoft Outlook.
  • Coorganiz.

Plus, everyone who has adopted this technological advancement has claimed that it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done. Linking all family members, friends, and co-workers on calendars to make everyone aware of activities or tasks is genius. See for yourself.

Who should you share your vacation planning with?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to leave town, plan a trip, or simply want to escape for a relaxing getaway. The only thing is, is that the real world doesn’t stop and many of life’s responsibilities continue to move in motion like a machine. Understanding what organization tools are is where shared calendars come in. They’re great for notifying those around you of upcoming plans and events, so the question still remains; who should you share your trip itinerary with? Depending on who needs to know, there is generally a tight group of people who get access to this type of shared property:

  • Family members.
  • Friends.
  • Business co-workers.

Bring This Nifty Tool to the Business

Google Calendar and Outlook make it easy to share details and schedules, so why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

When it comes to vacationing and business, things can get a little tricky: property rentals, inviting guests, website intensive browsing… Whether it’s planning a business trip or a leisurely outing for the weekend, shared calendars are the way to go.

So, what’s the favorite among businesses and companies for traveling and planning trips?

Team Up

This extremely affordable application allows the owner to plan a traveling trip and be worry-free. Their motto is: “Simple. Flexible. Time-saving.” And that is exactly what they bring to the table. This application ensures that sharing plans, scheduled events, and communication efforts is easier than ever and error-free. Color-coded calendars allow team members, co-workers, and loved ones to understand what is what on the agenda. And, an account is not required to download this application. Check out the website for Team Up and understand that from here on out, vacations will be easy to plan in the business world as this is one of the top organization tools for business and considered a well-rounded collaboration tool.

Friends Are Fun

Yes, they are. And, who better to plan a trip with than your best buds. Trips are like a paradise when you’re with friends.

But, going away with friends can be confusing at times. One friend may want to do this, while another friend may want to venture to this property for some reason.. Wouldn’t it be nice to all get along and do a little something everyone wants to do?

Well, with a shared home schedule, you can. All you have to do is schedule and share with guests as the document owner.

One of the best applications for shared agendas among friends is:


This agenda quite literally has a hyperlink on the site titled: “Friend Calendar App. It also claims to be the best social app ever created for this kind of thing, and the reviews agree.

Unlike other applications, this one allows guys and gals to follow whomever they want using the app. Instead of inviting this person or inviting that person, you can simply follow the friends you want to follow and have their schedule in the ‘palm of your hands.’ Cool, right? You can use this app via Facebook or simply link it to your contacts. When you go on holidays to your favorite property, all your friends, loved ones, and co-workers can see your pending trip. So, if you’re unsure how to organize a vacation with friends, then this application can lend a helping hand.

And, it’s an attractive app. So, if you want to plan your next trip with your friends, go on UpTo and check out what they have planned, or what they think they have planned, for your trip. It’s quite exhilarating.

Get the Kids Involved with Planning

Oh, boy. The kids. Do you really want to get the kids involved?

The answer is: YES! Of course, you do. From the minute you start training your children to plan off of an agenda, they will quite literally become the most organized person in the family (besides you). Instead of using some crummy old book as a planner, teach the kids how to be hip and cool by using one of the organization tools for kids. To get them in the habit early.

And, once they get into the whole planning ahead thing, you’ll be able to train them with the same mannerisms for future trips or vacations. Instead of hearing your kids yell at each other in the back seat of the rental car the entire way to the rental property, you’ll have the agenda made up beforehand. Plus, kids love the way these agendas look.

Hub Family Organizer

This application focuses on keeping your home life super organized. You can share anything on here with the fam, from to-do lists to chores, to vacation rentals, to everything in between. This application even lets you share photos and keep memories of the times spent together. You’ll be able to plan ahead and know what’s going on at all times.

Anyone, Any Age, Can Do It

That’s correct. Those of you who are retired and trying to find an easier way to plan a memorable and funny to-do for retirement, it can be done and fun.

Shared calendars will always have your back. Put in all your appointments and to-do lists on there and share it with your spouse. Retirement is a vacation and as the owner of a shared home calendar, it keeps you and your aging partner up-to-date with each other’s busy schedules. With the notifications keeping you up to date, the two of you will never be out of the loop. This can also pertain to retired folk that is friends, too.

Google Calendar

Go with the simplest. It’s Google and it’s free and available instantly via their website or through the market on a mobile device. Even if you don’t have the app, you can go to Google, sign in, and your account and calendars are right there. So, if you need to check when your next doctors’ appointment is but don’t have access to your phone, ask your son or daughter to borrow their phone to check it out. Even use it to plan rental property viewings with a property owner and let yours truly know what day it will happen.

The End of Planning?

If you’re into staying sharp and productive, using a shared calendar is one of the best ways to go. One of the biggest problems many face is the need to have several apps to provide different productivity functions, when there are several tools that can not only help make your next planned vacation rentals go successfully, but can also provide a collaborative platform that allows you to share your agendas, activities, events, and other goings-on in your life that need to be shared.

While there are several tools and programs available that try to accommodate all of these features, there are certainly those that still need work, some that are on the right track, and then those rare few that just nail it! One of our favorite rare tools: Coorganiz.


When it comes to planning, being productive, creating lists, and other organizational functions, Coorganiz stands as a one-of-a-kind application. Providing not only the ability to create and share your trip calendars with friends and family, it also allows you to share files and documents, like notes, photos, and other media, along with making to-dos, calendars, agendas, and even talking directly via text or call with other members of the shared datebook.

Vacation just got a little less stressful. Plan, execute, enjoy!

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