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Do you need some help getting your schedule organized? If so, you’ll find there are many ways you can do just that. However, not all of these ways are ideal to use because they can sometimes be costly and time-consuming. One of the best ways to help you with organization is with online platforms.

This article will explore some helpful software you can use, like shared calendars, to help you better organize your information. Keep reading to learn some features you should look for with these applications and some of the top platforms you can use to help you stay better connected.

What to Look For

When trying to look for applications to use, you need to look for some important settings. Below are some of them to keep in mind.

Group Settings

One important feature to look for is group settings. With them, you’ll be able to create groups so everyone can stay up-to-date on the necessary info. This makes it ideal for those trying to organize large events and for businesses to use.

Group settings will also sometimes allow you to have instant messaging. This will help you to keep in constant contact with other members to ensure everyone knows what they need to do and can ask questions and receive answers quickly.


To help you better visualize things, look to see if there’s a color-coding option. This way, you’ll be able to assign events, people, or times a certain color so you can stay on top of what’s happening and what needs to be done.

The Price

Many of these platforms are free, but some sometimes come with a subscription fee. You’ll want to keep an eye on this and consider your needs to ensure you use the best one to help you. Keep in mind that software that comes with a price sometimes has more settings and abilities than a free one.

The Best Options to Use

There are plenty of applications you can use to keep things organized.


NetPoint is a helpful app that can help businesses know what needs to be done. It uses special algorithms to help you with time management and can use color-coding to help visualize how long something might take to accomplish or who needs to complete a task. This is ideal for businesses to use because of its management intricacies, but keep in mind it costs quite a bit of money in order for you to use.


Coorganiz is a great scheduling application to use when it comes to keeping a clean and organized schedule. It offers settings like color-coding, mobile access, instant messages, and shared document abilities. You’ll also find a Premium version you can use that includes even more helpful settings at your disposal, like reminder alerts, text messages, a journal, and web/tablet access.


Doodle is perfect for families and other groups to use thanks to its easy-to-navigate platform. With this shared calendar, you can create groups, polls, and color-code events to help everyone stay on track with their planning.

Google Calendar

This free calendar app can connect with a Gmail account so you can sync groups to it. You can color-code things, like a list, and make changes to it when needed that can be instantly seen by others.

Scheduling applications are a great way to help keep you or a group better organized with scheduling your day. They come with many settings and can usually be synced to various platforms so you can use them on different devices. If you’re looking for apps to use to help you better organize life events, definitely consider the ones mentioned above.

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