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At the start of the semester, every student seems perfectly organized with fresh notebooks and bright eyes, but by the end, most people’s systems of organization have fallen to bits as they pray to simply make it through this round of finals.

Between studying, student organizations, community service, and your social life, getting organized while on campus can be rough for even the neatest and tidiest of us all. However, with the right tools, getting organized while you study is more than doable.

Using Apps to your Advantage

Though professors might find smartphones to be distracting, students can often use them to help – not hinder – their learning; in fact, smartphone apps can provide some of the best organizational resources for students. While the apps you use will typically depend on your personal preferences, most find these types of apps to be helpful in organizing their studies.

Collaboration Suites

Many of your classes and organizations will involve group work, so utilizing collaboration-oriented apps like Trello or Coorganiz can help facilitate communication while keeping track of group documents and meetings.

Calendar Apps

Attending college means keeping track of multiple classes, clubs, and other major events, so a good calendar app like Google Calendar can help you see and manage all of your commitments. Make sure that your calendar can be shared with others in case you need to for a group project.

Time Management Programs

These kinds of apps come in many forms, ranging from to-do lists to time-tracking software. Todoist and Wunderlist make excellent tools for organizing your day, and apps like RescueTime will help you determine how much time you spend on particular tasks.

Education-Oriented Organizational Apps

Some apps, such as TrackClass, are specifically designed for students and have particular features, such as color coding by class, that are meant for keeping your studies organized.

Tips for Keeping Organized as a Student

Once you’ve found a handful of organizational tools that work for you, you should then start the process of getting organized in your studies. These tips will help you stay organized as you learn.

Know your School’s Technology Systems

While you can choose the apps that you use on a personal basis, you will also need to be familiar with the technology used by your classes and groups to distribute important information and assignments. Be sure to incorporate these apps and websites into your daily routine so you don’t miss a single announcement.

Build Flex Time Into your Schedule

Many college attendees fall into the trap of over-scheduling themselves, so you should purposely add some “flex time” to your schedule to ensure that you leave time to do laundry or get off campus. Having time to take care of anything you need to at the moment will help you stay sane even in the middle of finals week.

Keep your Papers in Check

While most secondary and university courses are technology-based, you’ll always encounter a few teachers who insist on taking notes and writing assignments the old fashioned way. If you need binders and notebooks for particular classes, clearly label and color code them, and always store them in the same location.

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