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Weddings are happy moments in life. Planning a wedding, however, can be the storm before the calm of married life.

From the engagement on, life speeds forward toward marriage. Packing in all the to-dos before you tie the knot is challenging.

A bride will stew over finding a venue, making arrangements with caterers, and setting a budget. Other tasks that will run through her mind include settling on a color theme and flowers, choosing the right photographer for the wedding photos, finding the perfect dress, picking out bridesmaid dresses, and choosing who will be in the bridal party.

That’s just the beginning. Management of routine activities like keeping house and updating a business website must continue, as well. A good application for daily tasks can be a hero in disguise.

Meanwhile, wedding planning apps with great features can simplify the planning process. Some programs can track expenses, manage guests, help coordinate vendor choices, create a customized checklist and help with scheduling.

Apps that Get the Job Done

Planning the big moment can be stressful and may even cause a gray hair or two to sprout, but have faith, there are apps that help digitize this process and make it a breeze. Here’s a brief summary of some top favorites:

iWedPlanner: A top contender that provides useful functions, from setting funds to planning the seating. This application has what you need to plan your special moment.

WeddingHappy: This app has a simple interface, nothing too flashy and provides essential planning functions like budgeting, vendors, and tasks to complete. This program is certainly strong enough to make planning your special occasion easier.

Coorganiz: When it comes to being organized, the name says it all. This application comes with all of the bells and whistles that make planning any activity, event, or special occasion a breeze. Easily share and collaborate inside of the app. Set budgets, tasks, and other efforts needed to create the perfect wedding.

The Basic Planning Process

Once a bride and groom choose and download the application they’ll use to stay organized, the planning process might look something like this:

  • First, brainstorm tasks to be completed and create a checklist.
  • The next step, create a shared calendar and date.
  • Share ideas with family and friends.
  • Contacting vendors and pulling the event together.
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities.

Coordinating Efforts

The bride and groom can find inspiration on sites like Pinterest. They can use the application on their iPhone or Android devices to coordinate their planning efforts to make their big day the best party ever. Programs can help them with the following types of tasks:

  • Researching out and reserving a venue.
  • Finding vendors for the big event.
  • Scheduling events (rehearsals, photo shoots, etc.).
  • Creating and managing guest lists and seating arrangements.
  • Reserving travel tickets for the honeymoon.

The bride might also share images of dresses with her bridesmaids is a fast way to get feedback. She can share her to-do checklist with family and friends, as well, so they can gather resources, shop, design accessories and plan a bachelorette party.
Some people might consider hiring a professional wedding planner to handle details instead of using applications on hand-held devices that organize task lists. It’s one of the options, but the cost of money might not compete with the immediate availability or the collaborative effect of a good wedding planning application.
The planning process might look intimidating, but with the right app to help manage life, it doesn’t need to be.

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