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Great planning is usually the secret behind every accomplishment.

Whether you are a boss that is juggling several projects with limited time, a stay-at-home mom who has too many stuff to handle, or a student who has too many things to take care of, everybody needs to be organized. However, gone are the days when people used to waste resources on personal assistants so that they could help them with their personal tasks. Now, we have different tools that have been designed to take the role of personal assistants and to be there for you when the going gets tough.

What is their Function?

We get ideas in varieties of sizes and shapes, in every level of relevance, and at different times of the day. When these ideas come to us, it is easy to forget them, especially if there is no system in place for getting them organized. Therefore, these tools will efficiently help us organize our ideas and tasks in different kinds of situations, and thereby enable us to increase productivity and efficiency.

General Organization Tools

There are too many things we need to organize in our lives, thus, there are many types of professional tools to organize for varieties of purposes. Below are some of the best general management tools.


Evernote is the world’s most popular app for note-taking and it totally merits the popularity. Featuring an amazing design, it can be used to organize interview and research notes, draft ebooks and blog posts, save articles to read at a later time and store vital details such as code snippets. Furthermore, you can sync this app across many devices, which is really useful if you have different devices for your office and home. So, if a great idea comes into your mind when out with your pals, just bring out your phone and jot down or record your idea and save it in Evernote’s media storage. In addition, Evernote can also be used as a calendar and to-do list app.


Coorganiz is one of the best apps around to organize as it can be used for both your daily life and work or business. It features various methods to keep your data stored in one place. For example, it has a diary where important notes can be written, a task checklist which helps you to monitor the tasks you want to do, and the app also allows you to share documents with others. In addition, there is a privacy protection service which enables you to control who sees your data on the application. Additionally, Coorganiz offers a special feature where you can create tasks, record notes on your project, and with the help of Coorganiz assistant, alert other users.

Cozi Family Organizer

It is not always a bad idea to have time for your family and if you are looking at having a perfect organizer to help manage your busy family activities, this application is your best deal. The Cozi Family Organizer has in it a sleek personalization feature that enables every member of a household to create their individual plan for their events and activities after which all personalized schedule is viewable by the head of the house in order to monitor and prompt pursuance.

Are you a company owner or a stay-at-home mom who is finding it hard to organize and make plans? Then you need to try out these tools we discussed. They will help boost your productivity and efficiency levels, and ensure you don’t always have a clutter of ideas with no positive products.

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