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Even though the usefulness of a calendar is rarely recognized, there is no doubt that without it, proper planning and adequate timing might be very difficult to meet especially in a corporate space where there is a constant need to keep track of dates, events, and meetings. A shared calendar which is multi-functional in scope can be very useful in helping people, your family or workers to keep track of time and help them figure out what to do in a prompt manner. As such, you don’t have to call or text to know what to do, all you need to do is refer to the shared platform you all have access to.        

To keep your many work, social, and family relationships in check, you need to always be certain there is time for you before you take up other engagements and as such, there is always a need to make constant recourse to your schedule to know if you are free, or else, you would keep finding yourself in the awkward double hooked experience where several activities are colliding. You certainly do not want to experience this and that is why you need to pick the best app that best suits your purpose as well as the device you most use at home or in the office. Below are the best-shared calendar applications you might consider choosing from.

Apple’s iCloud Calendar

Since it is often the case that most business owners choose to use Apple products to coordinate activities, you might find this application really handy. However, emphasis must be laid that in picking this app, it must be the case that your entire team is using an iPhone or iMac else, it might not be very effective. With this iOS app, you get a very sleek display of well-organized events, with pushes that notify you about your next activity or event for the day as well as a synchronized map system that directs you to the next place of meeting. This is undoubtedly the best app for iPhones and Macbooks you can use in your office that would give you the full advantage of a shared calendar. You can access the Apple iCloud using the app or through the web.

Coorganiz Application

Coorganiz is a really useful application that is specifically designed to keep your tasks and work in complete order. Coorganiz has a lot of mouth-watering features, including a Work feature, which helps businesses to sync with many types of devices, instantly send documents to other users, and even use a messaging system so you can have instant access to others at your work.

Make plans, share your plans, chat and co-organize with your colleagues or partners on a single platform, and save some time with Coorganiz assistant bot! Fortunately, this all-in-one application is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Google Calendar

If you are not using a single operating system on your team, then this application is your best choice for the perfect organization. It is easily accessible and you can use it straight from the web especially if your team or family all work from different devices or you can download the application of Google store if you are basically using an android phone. The most amazing news about this application is that it is absolutely free and very sleek design.

One of its sleek features is the color range from which you can pick from in an attempt to personalize your to-do list such that you split colors for different aspects of your personal life to enable you to know which of your activities is more pressing.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

The only reason why this application comes third is, basically, because it is not free. You have to subscribe to enjoy the amazing options Microsoft has created. This application is perfectly sleek in its displays and very easy to use. There are also lots of options in the application making it easy for you to have a lot of other personalized to-do lists within the application. However, the personalized theme option is flexible making it easy to add activities as well as view activities on the central planner, which is something only found on the best calendars.

This amazing Microsoft application is very easy to use and easy to install and set up. You probably don’t need to buy if you already have an Office 365 subscription running on your device.

Zoho Application

This offers so much but for a smaller number of persons amongst other apps, and that is why it is rated as the fifth must-have application. You get to gain access to other office tools like spreadsheet and email linked to the application aside just being a shared calendar other apps have got to offer and all of these things are free to set up to ten users, making it most ideal for smaller team or family. Zoho provides you with a very sleek platform you can use on Android, iPhone and even on your Window devices, making it your real deal as far as shared datebook application is concerned.

If you are an extremely busy person with series of work and personal activities, you definitely need the best calendars to keep up with your schedule and also keep track of important events and meetings. With any of the above apps, you simply cannot get it wrong in choosing a best-shared calendar application that would help you maximize the full advantage of operating a twenty-first-century digital calendar, regardless of the kind of phone you use.

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