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Shared calendars make life easier.

A shared calendar gives users the luxury of having endless options at the click of a button. What does that mean? It means that this nifty little agenda supplies its users with endless features that are appropriate to use for activities, family life, friend gatherings, management crisis’, and project future conflicts.

People from all over claim that the use of these shared agendas has saved their day from time to time. Fortunately, there are numerous shared calendar tools that range from simple functions to jam-packed with more functionality than any one person needs. So, what makes them worth the buzz?

Seven Reasons Your Shared Calendar is Worth the Click

There are various reasons one should adopt a shared agenda instead of going with a less mobile-friendly paper calendar. As technology continues to advance, going digital is one of the only ways to remain current and up-to-date in today’s world. While you can spend days looking through various apps, there are some that simply blow the rest out of the water, but how do you know what application or program you need, unless you know why it’s a good idea to have a shared agenda:

  1. Forget nothing.
  2. Schedule always available.
  3. Accept/decline invitations on-the-go.
  4. Send invitations/track RSVPs.
  5. Stay connected.
  6. Import calendar files.
  7. Search capabilities.

Forget Nothing

This is 100% true (if you keep up with your scheduling, appointments, get-togethers, etc.). But, with an application or online website that helps you remember, why wouldn’t you keep up with everything?

What else does this shared agenda have to offer?

NotificationsOnce you have set up your agenda (whether it be on a program such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Office: Outlook), all your events, appointments, conferences, meetings, etc., can be linked to make sure you know and understand where and when you have somewhere to be.

They can be quite persistent, too. However, you can control most of your notification settings. For example, you’re going to receive notifications of your booked events no matter what. But, you can set the dates and times for the notifications to pop up.

If you enter your notifications settings on your calendars, you are able to choose if and when your notifications will pop up on your phone. If you’d like a reminder to be set one hour prior to your meeting/event, that can be done. If you need 24-hour notice, that is also possible. The shared calendars accommodate you for all your management, office, business, home, and leisure priorities.

Schedule Always Available

You know the scene: everyone is always on their phones. One click here and another there. It’s as if no one can go anywhere, do anything, be with anyone, without having their phone attached to their hips.

However, this can be a good thing in the eyes of a shared agenda. Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar (and other valid applications), come together to give you automatic access24/7. With your phone being on you daily, you won’t have the option to simply forget an appointment or event.

The best part about this neat little application is that you can’t get rid of those pesky reminder cards that haunt you. Some people let them pile up or place them on a cork board to remember each and every appointment made for the upcoming weeks. Now, that’s a thing of the past with this new technology. Isn’t that exciting?

Accept/Decline Invitations on-the-go

Internet access today makes it easier than ever to fully be aware of all events on the agenda, especially with the Google and Outlook apps. Google and Outlook give users the option to view, accept, and decline invitations of all sorts instantly (or later on, if you’re a procrastinator). Instead of waiting for that invitation to come in the mail, you can plan the upcoming weeks easier with agenda apps (and shared ones at that!). With the level accessibility each phone has for each person, and the notification option you can select, you should no problems staying on track and on time; if not, shared agendas can immediately let other parties know of any impending hiccups, especially when you are smart enough to use a shared calendar for work to make sure your team members are on the same page.

Plus, when you decline events, they go away entirely. But, when you accept events, they automatically link to your set of events and adapt to any setting you have on, for example, how you will be notified of the event in the future. The information is all right in front of you with a touch of the accept button. The application does the rest of the work for you.

Send Invitations/Track RSVP’s

Not only can you accept or decline invitations, but you can also send your own invitations to whoever you share your agenda with. Whether it’s co-workers from the office, family members at home, or friends planning a get-together, all invitations will be sent to the men or women of your choice via these applications. The list really goes on and on.

And amongst these resources, Google and Outlook allow you to track RSVPs. Lots of these invitations with RSVP cards in them receive little to no response from girls and guys. Check in with the application, be annoying even. Send them a reminder, free of charge. It’s’ really neat.

Stay Connected

You’ll always know what everyone is doing through these Google, Outlook, and various other programs. So, if you have a meeting coming up in the office, and you want to know when to plan it, so it best fits around everyone’s timeline, check out the shared calendar for a group or, if you want to set up a get together with all your friends to play poker, check out what night everyone is free from the kids and the office. It’s a handy-dandy little notebook on your phone that you carry everywhere with you, that constantly keeps you in the loop. Why not adopt this spectacular planning technology?

Import Calendar Files

You can import other files. That means you can link any and all other calendars that you have in other applications. You can even link up the one that initially comes with your phone (because everyone knows that’s the starter agenda, and there’s at least one or two relevant events in there somewhere). Face it; you’ve used the app on your phone plenty of times, it’s just difficult (or should I say, more difficult than other applications). Link them all up and forget the aggravation and hassle.

Also, doing this will give you the capability to link up your Facebook agenda. Be notified of any event you are invited to, and accept links automatically to others, via most applications.

Search Capabilities

Lastly, search capabilities. These applications and programs have searching capabilities.

What does that mean? Well, it means, if you are in need of a good search, you got it.

Want to know the last dentist appointment you had so that you can set up your next one? Search it. Want to know when the last time you took blood was, so you can go for another routine check-up? Search it. Want to know when your friends’ birthday is because you just have a horrible memory? Search it. Want to know when your next time off is? Search it. Should the details really go on?

Tools for the Trade?

All the basic information is here, and now it’s time to tie it all together. You know the whats and whys of using a shared calendar, but how do you put it all into motion? Knowing which application to download can be a dread, but there are a few quality all-in-one programs that go beyond the shared agenda function and into a who new realm of uber-productivity. Coorganiz is a powerful shared calendar app best in its class. It comes with a completely functional agenda/scheduler that is shareable, lets users create to-do lists, upload and share files, documents, and media, not to mention, it also offers event planning, budgeting, and an in-app collaboration feature that lets team members and/or groups communicate efficiently and effectively.

Just review for a moment: This technological invention (that is 90% of the time free of charge) gives you something that will make you never forget an appointment, that’s always in your back pocket, allows you to accept or decline invitations immediately as well as send out invitationstrack RSVPs. It keeps you connected and in the loop with a click or two, allows users to share & download other files so that you can be aware of your life’s activities & events, and that allows you to have search capabilities. Need the details and awesome facts go on? That run on sentence is enough emphasis to make you understand that this program is phenomenal.

Find your way to the application (such as Coorganiz, Google, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) that meets your needs, and download it now. Your scheduling life will be easier once you have, and your productivity will improve.

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