Coorganiz: the best organization tool

Organizing yourself is complicated enough, so organizing with several people requires a good dose of preparedness to coordinate, communicate, share and assign information.

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The best organization tool

In the professional world, it is ordinary to use an organization tool to coordinate the various stakeholders around a common project. There are many tools and it is common to talk about the notion of project management. More than often, the proposed organizational solutions are therefore complex and poorly adapted to personal problems.

In a personal, family or associative setting, the reflex of using an organization tool is not common event though those settings could be approached the same way as projects.

What is the use of an organization tool like Coorganiz?

Coorganiz is a collaborative tool for personal organization issues. Traditionally, and in the vast majority of situations, the organization relies on a single person: an administrator or main organizer of some sort.

This main organizer spends time centralizing the information, and then coordinating the various contributors by redistributing that information to the various participants of the project.

In a traditional organization, the main organizer has therefore an active role whereas the other members of the organization are more passive. The reason for this mode of operation resides quite simply in the fact that there is no tool thought out for the organization of the personal life.

Coorganiz is an organization tool with the aim of centralizing information and with which each participant can access the right information at the right time and become an actor within the organization by sharing information themselves.

What does an organization tool contain?

Coorganiz proposes a simple and ergonomic organization tool to coordinate several participants around a common project.

The Coorganiz organization tool is based around 4 main features:

  • A calendar which lets you know who does what and when. Each member has their own calendar and the different participants can share or assign events.
  • A "chat" to communicate with one or more members.
  • A "to-do list" that allows you to track down tasks and never forget anything again.
  • And finally document sharing, so that all participants have access to the right information at the right time.

What are the important criteria when selecting an organization tool?

A good organization tool must be based primarily on collaborative features. It is important that each member can participate directly in the organization by creating events or tasks.

Organizational problems are mobile. Therefore, information must be accessible at all times. Because of this, it is important for organization tools to be available on mobile applications, and at least on Android and iOS.

What situations are relevant for an organization tool?

The situations suited for an organization tool are numerous and Coorganiz users show a lot of imagination in the organization of their family life, personal life or associative life.

Here are a few examples of organizations created with Coorganiz.

An organization tool for a sports group

Organizing the life of a sports group is not an easy task. With Coorganiz, each participant in the sports group has useful information about the next training, for example.

The organization tool allows you to plan training sessions and communicate the dates of matches or competitions. Each participant has the right information. In the task list, each person can assign tasks to members and find out who does what: who brings the balloons, who locks the changing rooms... In the document section, it is easy to share membership forms, the group insurance certificate or the sports hall rental contract.

An organization tool for a professional activity

For a professional activity, it is important to share the right information to organize more easily. With an organization tool, you can easily see the holidays or meetings of the different members, simply assign tasks or share important documents.

An organization tool for a family life

In a family, when there are one or more children, the organization can get complicated very quickly. Between nursery school, birthday parties and extracurricular activities, it is difficult to remember who does what and when. A diary for everyone allows you to display your agenda for the day, week and month.

The members of the organization won't forget anything anymore with the tasks: preparing the pool bag on Tuesday evening, bringing the disguise for the school party…

Moreover, in documents it is now easy to share documents like an insurance certificate or a large family card.