Organize effectively with a shared to do list

The to do shared list is the essential tool for a good organization. It allows each member of an organization or group to know its activities, tasks and the deadlines associated to them.

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What is a shared to-do list?

A to-do list allows to effectively manage the different steps and tasks of a project.

The tools dedicated only to to-do lists are numerous and very widespread in the professional world. They allow us to easily manage the various actions to be carried out by the members of a team.

In a shared to-do list tool, the different members of a project are assigned tasks and actions to perform.

The main features of a to-do shared list

For a shared to-do list to be used correctly it is important for several features are present.

First of all, the task must be assignable to one or more person, even if the author is not concerned. This makes it possible to allocate and assign tasks to the different members of the organization and to share the workload and distribution of actions as well as possible.

Then, you must be able to set a due date. Indeed, the shared to-do list allows to better organize, better plan, and, when necessary, have a fixed deadline for a task. Some tasks can be completed in a short amount of time and others require more work. It is also important for the person who assigned the task to be kept informed of the completion of the task by a notification or message. This allows for better communication and project follow-up.

When a task is created, it is important to be able to program several reminders. Thus, the person concerned by the task has a good knowledge of their deadlines and can spread their workload over time according to their priorities.

Finally, it is important to be able to add notes for each "task". Indeed, the title of a task is not always explicit enough. Hence, it is important to be able to detail the different elements of the shared to-do list. Thus, if the main task is to "Prepare the pool bag", being able to detail the contents of the bag (e.g. the bathing cap, the pool card or the cloakroom padlock) in the notes allows for a better follow-up.

The examples for using a shared to-do list are numerous.

Within your family, having a shared to-do list is almost indispensable.
For example, with Coorganiz, members of a family organization can create and share recurring tasks themselves. Tasks such as:

  • Prepare the pool bag every Tuesday evening and specify in the description the elements to not forget: the bathing cap, the pool glasses, the padlock, or the pool card!
  • Buy the different items for the end of year disguise.
  • Or, write a shopping list each week.

To organise a travel project, the to do shared list is the essential tool to plan and organize everyone's tasks and activities. Here are some examples of tasks that can be assigned:

  • Search for flights to Biarritz
  • List hotels in Barcelona
  • Book train tickets for Chamonix
  • Find the best pizzeria in Rome
  • Apply for a visa at the Russian Embassy
  • Prepare the medicine kit for a trip to Kenya

Thus, an effective use of a shared to-do list makes it possible to share information and assign activities to various members of an organization. The shared to-do list is the best friend to decrease your mental load!